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Announcement May 00, 0017: Our development teams are hard at work getting products updated to work with the recently released Prepar3d V4. Some products will require a small upgrade fee due to development costs to bring the product up-to-date for the v4 platform, while other updates will be provided free of charge. The following products are currently under development for the Prepar3d v4 platform: Ground Environment X P3D World Edition, GTN 050/650, EZDok v2, ifly 047-400, Flight1 KingAir B200, Flight1 Cessna Mustang, Flight1 T182T, Ultimate Traffic Live, plus additional third-party releases. For more information, visit the appropriate product forums for the latest information and announcements.

P3Dv4 Compatible! iFly 037NG has now been updated to work with Lockheed Martin"s Prepar3d Version v4. Download and purchase today!
P3Dv4 Compatible! Scenery Solutions has updated their Ultimate Terrain X Series line of products to be Prepar3d v4 Compatible.
Now Available! MilViz has released their DHC-2 Beaver here at Flight1. You can now purchase this product via the Flight1 Wrapper.
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